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    Hello beloved! :D My name is Elle, 20, from the Philippines. I believe, "I am God's masterpiece still under His construction."

    June 26, 2013 was the day that I have faithfully surrendered my life to God. And since that moment on, God has been doing amazing wonders in my life! :D I believe He's doing all the same with you! :D He has amazing plans for you, and He is still about to do GREATER THINGS ON YOUR JOURNEY! :D Your faith in Jesus, and the acceptance of Him in your heart is just the beginning. of everything! :D

    I pray that this blog may serve as His means for you to be closer to Him and be blessed and reminded of how much He loves you. And that whatever you are going through, for as long as YOU ARE WITH HIM, nothing will ever be IMPOSSIBLE! :D ♥ May you seek Him in all ways and may you live a wonderful life with Him! :D ♥ GOD BLESS YOU! :D ♥

What would you say to someone who is losing faith?

"Grab His hand and hold on. Never ever give up on Him for He will never, ever give up on you. He redeemed you from darkness, had yourself covered with His undying love in His arms before. HE WILL, and always WILL redeem from the enemy, NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES. Our job is to hold on and never let go."

Friday, July 25, 2014
Hello! Just wanna drop by ... I so love your blog. Hahaha! I don't know what's in your blog that I admire the most. Perhaps because I feel God's presence in here. Hmmm. - DianeNicole

Hello dearly beloved,

First of all, I just want to tell you how much your message made me teary-eyed. :)))))) I guess, I badly need comfort and encouraging words from people and so He has send you to drop me your message :))) Thank you so much! God is indeed so good! :))) 

And thank you also for the compliment, All glory belongs to Him! :D <3 I believe it has always been Him who makes people see beauty in this blog, I never do anything, it’s all His works alone :D

P.S Thank you for making me feel soooo happy! :D

Continue seeking Him more :D and HE LOVES YOU! :* <3

- Elle (your forever sister in Christ) :))) <3

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Everyday, Satan reminds me of how sinful I am. Of how, regardless of the fact that I am in Christ, I still continuously commit sins. He condemns me, He never cease to remind me of all my mistakes and how unfruitful of a Christian I am. I admit, at times I fall for his ploy. I begin thinking of myself “unworthy”: unworthy to be called His daughter, unworthy to call upon His name, unworthy to even pray. I start doubting if I really am a true Christian, I start doubting if I really belong to His flock. I begin to subliminally think of myself the other way around of how God sees me. “It’s like seeing me as the dark side of the moon, when God has all throughout seen me as the illuminated part of it”. My realization is Satan has always been good at “Condemnation and Lies”. If he’s human he probably took a course in College majoring at it. And he enrolled in some minor subjects on how he will summarize people’s lives, and remind them of the things they did in the past and are doing in the present. The only twist is that all the things he includes in the synopsis of your life are all the negative things that ever happened to you: your sins, your mistakes and your failures. When I believed his lie that I was “unworthy”, and when I believed his lie that my identity sticks to only being a “sinner” and nothing more than that; he almost won over me. But he still didn’t! For when I’m at the verge of falling into the enemy’s trap, my God never fails to redeem me! Never fails to snatch me off of satan’s hands and never halts to remind me of how Victorious I am in Christ! Of how I won the battle through Him and that satan has nowhere else to go but to lie under my feet: crushed, misshapen, unarmed and futile. He never fails to remind me that “I am forgiven and free for I am redeemed through the blood of Christ!” and that “God loves me irregardless of my past, present and future mistakes and failures.” He never fails to wake me up that YES! I am a sinner, I still commit sins but He’s there to pick me up, take my hand and have me start anew everyday. Satan may be there reminding me of all my sins, but I have my God who reminds me of how much He loves me every single day of my life. And Whose mercy, grace, love and forgiveness sustains me and keeps me through. “We can’t listen to both God and satan. For we know one’s telling lies and deceit while the Other’s telling nothing but the truth. I made up my mind to start believing only in what God tells me until the day of the coming of His Son, for in the end, His is the only voice which matters.” (Elle Bautista - “Listening to God’s Voice”)

Saturday, June 28, 2014
Hi Elle,cn u give me some advice,Rcently,I got breakup with the woman i thought the woman of my life alrdy since weve been togethr for mre than 4 yrs.I said ill never recover from it coz I known myself to love only once in my life and i thought shes the first and the last,Now,I met someone over the internet and she opened my eyes about God and I can't keep myself falling for her cause she's so kind and God-loving like what i didn't see from my past relationship,Should I continue befriending her?

My dearly beloved,

"The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, And saves such as have a contrite spirit.” -Psalm 34:18

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." -Psalm 147:3

Pain and hurt is inevitable in this fallen world we live in. It’s constant. These hurt, these pains, these struggles and these heartbreaks; they’re always there. But just like how certain circumstances are there for our advantage, believe that heartbreaks are also there for a reason.

Heartbreaks come as both a pro and a con for all of us. Con, because we feel like we’re being shattered into pieces. Or we feel like we’re too broken that we cannot put all the pieces back together. We then lose hope and motivation to walk on and continue with our life. Sad, but this is usually what heartbreaks do to us. It blurs our vision of the amazing plans that God still has for us. Pro, because you get to experience God’s unfailing love and comfort through these pains. Remember Psalm 147:3 and Psalm 34:18, "He is near to the broken hearted… He heals and binds up their wounds." I see broken hearts as blessings from God. That one day, if I am to experience hurt because I loved, there’s probably only one reason why: So I can be drawn closer to my God and experience the comfort and amazing love that He has for me which nobody in this world can ever offer.

Try looking at the world in a different perspective. Like how you can take photographs of lovely flowers at different angles, or like how you view a certain painting inside a museum at different views. Look at your heartbreak from a different perspective, and you’ll see how God has used it for your good.  

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

That heartbreak was also a part of His plan. He knows the beginning and the end. All the things that happened in your life, and are about to happen, are all part of God’s amazing plans for you. The heartbreak, the course you took/ or will take in College, the friends that you have right now, the family that you are in… Every single detail of your life has been planned carefully by God and he puts circumstances in your life for reasons. Believe me, they’re there for reasons. One day, when we’re all home, you can ask Him why. I’m thinking you won’t be able to keep yourself from smiling as He answers, because you finally knew and believed that whatever painful things happened while living your life on earth, was all for your own good. They’re there for His reasons, WE can’t fathom His reasons why but in time we will.

And beloved, keep this advice from me. Never, ever draw away from people who keeps you closer to God. They’re there as blessings for you. They’re there as means to keep you closer or draw your nearer to God. Test your feelings too beloved, maybe you’re just too broken or too shattered that you find your online friend as the only person you can shift the feelings that you have for your ex-girlfriend. Because I believe that sometimes people just find outlets of feelings on others, especially if they came from relationships that didn’t work. They thought it’s love, but in fact they just need someone to shift the feelings that he/she has for his/her former partner. 

Beloved, believe me that at the right time, God will send you that person worthy of your love. You just have to wait for His perfect time. And when that day comes, you’ll be reminded of how I told this to you. You just need to wait for His perfect timing. You don’t have to chase for love, for love chased after us in the first place. God was after us since the beginning, and if He was, then there’s no reason for you to go searching for love. It will come, in His perfect time.

God bless you even more beloved! :D May you continue to seek Him, He loves you! :D

With love,

Elle (your sister in Christ)

Friday, June 27, 2014
Happy One Year Anniversary of your eternity!!! i am also a recent to Christ, and i know how amazing these first years are, yet we both know the unimaginable is still yet to come! God bless you so much beloved and hope to see you one day when we're all Home... 💜💜💜

Awweeeeeeeeeeeee :’) Thank youuu sooo muuuchhhh deaaar!!!! You don’t know how much your message means to me! :((((( I was sooo touuuchhheeed! :((( <3 <3 <3 Can’t describe the smile on my face when you said “hope to see you one day when we’re all Home.” :)))))

It was an amaziiiing first year with Him :’) It’s been a roller coaster ride! God has shown me amazing wonders and huge transformations in me. I just can’t contain how great of a God He is for working on so many things in my life! :))))

God still has more amazing plans for you dear, this is just the beginning :)))) May you continue to seek Him more and may God bless you in all ways! :))))

P.S Thank you for making my day! :D 

love lots,

Elle (your sister in Christ) ♥

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