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    Hello beloved! :D My name is Elle, 20, from the Philippines. I believe, "I am God's masterpiece still under His construction."

    June 26, 2013 was the day that I have faithfully surrendered my life to God. And since that moment on, God has been doing amazing wonders in my life! :D I believe He's doing all the same with you! :D He has amazing plans for you, and He is still about to do GREATER THINGS ON YOUR JOURNEY! :D Your faith in Jesus, and the acceptance of Him in your heart is just the beginning. of everything! :D

    I pray that this blog may serve as His means for you to be closer to Him and be blessed and reminded of how much He loves you. And that whatever you are going through, for as long as YOU ARE WITH HIM, nothing will ever be IMPOSSIBLE! :D ♥ May you seek Him in all ways and may you live a wonderful life with Him! :D ♥ GOD BLESS YOU! :D ♥

God gives each of us spiritual gifts for His glory. But until now Idk what gift I have. Sabi nila kapag nasan daw passion mo most likely un ang spiritual gift mo. I love to sing and doodle. PERO I'm not really good at it but I love doing it. Why? :(

My dearly beloved,

First of all it is true that we all have spiritual gifts to give glory and praise to Him :D Pero it is not written that only through these will we be able to bring glory upon Him. You said, you love singing and doodling, alam mo ba that when you do anything for God, that already gives glory to Him? Yung simpleng pagkanta mo, when you offer it to the Lord and when you sing for Him that already gives glory to Him. Yung simple doodle art mo, when you say, “Lord, para sayo to” that already gives glory to Him. Even yung simple report mo for example sa school, when you offer it and do it for the Lord that already gives glory to Him. Yung simpleng paghinga mo para sa Kanya, yung simpleng pag tell mo of others of the gospel, of Jesus, how He has saved us, yung simple desire mo to bring people closer to Him that too, gives glory to God. Kahit simpleng bagay lang na gawin mo, basta’t ginagawa mo para sa Kanya, gives glory to Him. YOU MAY NOT FEEL IT LIKE YOU’RE DOING ANYTHING TO GLORIFY HIM, YOU MAY NOT SEE IT EXACTLY, but God sees every single act you do for Him. God delights in it, It glorifies Him when you do things for Him.

As it is written, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31

See, kahit pag inom ng tubig, at pag kain mo ng agahan o hapunan, can bring glory to God. God doesn’t ask for SOMETHING BIG for you to do for Him. Kasi kahit simpleng bagay lang na nagagawa mo for Him, He appreciates all that. “You can give glory to God in every little thing you do, for as long as you do it for Him.”

PRAY that God will reveal your ministry and your spiritual gift. You will know that in time, and that way, you can bring greater glory for Him. But always remember, kahit hindi mo pa alam yung spiritual gift mo ngayon you are already giving glory to Him, mas malaking pag-gloglorify nalang ang mabibigay mo once you already know of your spiritual gift :D

Pray dear okay? He’ll reveal it to you in His perfect time. Just maintain most importantly your relationship with Him. When you’re sad, you can always call up to Him, and I as well am here for you. :D

God loves you so much beloved! BLESSINGS!! :* <3

P.S Be happy!

- Ate Elle ♥

Friday, August 15, 2014
My mother was physically and verbally abusive. I lost faith in God slowly, with all of the accusations and pain. I regained that faith around three years ago... And I am still completely in love with Jesus, but I have to wonder why bad things happen to good people. I never did anything to hurt anyone - I was simply there. My mother and her boyfriend now do drugs (I believe they sell them too) and my dad and step-mother are functioning but severe alcoholics. Can you answer me that?

My dearly beloved,

"Yes, and everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution." 2 Timothy 3:12

I happen to belong to a small group of people who wish to make disciples in nearby campuses here in our Province. It’s called LifeBox, with the tagline “preparing students for life.” We believe that there’s nothing else that each and every student needs to be prepared in this world than that of having a relationship with Jesus. That’s what we aim, that’s what we prepare them for. “HAVING A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS, prepares you for life.” 

We each lead a small group of students and as we were on our sharing part, I asked if anyone of them has problems in their family, in their relationship or in just any aspect of their life, that we can surrender to Christ and we can pray for. One of the group member happened to share almost the same story as yours. She happened to have an abusive mother who slaps her all the time, treats her coldly, hides who her true father is and etc… She couldn’t help getting teary-eyed as she share us her family problem. Though yours is much more complicated, I can say that you and her, are going through the same struggle and pain.

I don’t know if you’re still a student beloved, if you’re still a teenager, or if you happened to be in your twenties. I don’t know what age you are, but Christine… she was only 14. Imagine? A 14 year old going through all that. At that age, it’s sad to think that she feels deprived of love. At that young age, she is experiencing that kind of sorrow… Not to mention that she wakes up to it, and deals with it, every single day. At that very fragile and very innocent age, she is already experiencing all that. But, do you know what Christine has taught me? To trust in Christ and to trust in God’s plans. I lauded her for being still so jolly even though she feels broken inside. I knew that she’s getting her strength from God and that she has put her trust in Him that, no matter what circumstances or sufferings she’s in, God has a plan. 

"We all go through sufferings in life, yours may be different from mine, but we all go through the same pain…"

2 Timothy 3:12 says that anyone is in Christ, will suffer persecution. Though, not in the way that the Apostles of Christ were persecuted before. We may not be thrown stones at, we may not be killed to death for following Christ, but expect that we are to suffer if we have decided to follow Christ. It builds our faith in Him. As we are being persecuted by circumstances in our lives, like a broken family, an abusive mother, or the pain that you are going through, believe that all those are there for a reason. Believe, that all of that, are there for God’s purposes in your life. As God has told us to love our enemies, for what good does it make us to love only our friends. We are also expected to suffer, for what good does it make us to experience only happiness and joy. If all there is in this world is happiness, then what good can it bring upon us? We will not be molded, we will not grow, or have our faith spiritually mature, if we won’t suffer as Christians. We’ll never know what life is all about if all we go through are the only good things that we expect to happen. Remember that after all this suffering, comes endless joy. Remember that after all these tears, comes extreme happiness when we’re all together with Him in Heaven.

We can’t fathom the reasons why God has put painful experiences in our life, but as Christians, and as followers of Christ, expect that you will sufffer. PRAY for your mother, pray for your family that salvation may also rest upon them. Pray for them to change, for only GOD can change us. PRAY about everything! Be steadfast, be long-suffering, NEVER GIVE UP. Never give up on yourself, it may be too frustrating, it may push you through your limit sometimes but stay focused on God, cling hard to Him. Never give up on your family. Take this as an opportunity to win souls for God. Pray that their hearts be open as you tell them Jesus. PRAY that they accept the gift of salvation through faith and PRAY that they accept Jesus in their hearts as their Savior. 

Our greatest hurts, can be our greatest testimonies one day. God put your heartbreaks there for a reason. So that one day, you can share your testimony of how God has changed your family from being lost to having their lives devoted to God and of you irregardless of being in that circumstance right now has remained forever faithful in GOD and resting only in His capabilites, in His knowledge, and His all-knowing power, that YES! “I may be suffering today, but God has a purpose. God has a plan. One day He’s going to turn my hurts into my greatest blessings. One day, He will reveal why these pains happened in my life, and I know, oh yes I’ll know! That everything, everything, happened altogether for my good because He loves me.”

Your family may not be there to give you what love and caress you need, but remember that you have that ONE PERFECT FATHER IN HEAVEN WHO LOVES YOU, WHO HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR YOU, WHO HAS ALWAYS LOOKED AFTER YOU. And who has been comforting you in your times of pain. Never forget that you are His child, you are His, He is your Father. You can always call up to Him anytime, 24/7. He has always been there for you. You may be deprived of your family’s attention but believe that GOD will always send you people in your life to fill and replace all that. He loves you so much to leave you not comforted. He will always make a way.

Be steadfast. You and your family will be in my prayers beloved. AND KEEP PRAYING. KEEP CLINGING TO GOD. He listens, and He answers in His perfect time. 


- Elle ♥

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Naiinis ako sa sarili ko. Kasi i keep on doing this sin and kapag nagawa ko na sobrang naguguilty at nahihiya ako kay God. Parang minsan nahihiya na akong kausapin siya... :((. What to do? :(

My dearly beloved,

Every Christian, has been with the same struggle as yours.

Believe me, for I have been too.

For years, I have been struggling against this sin na ayaw ko na talagang gawin but everytime temptation comes, nagagawa at nagagawa ko parin. Pareho ng nangyayari sayo, afterwards, magsisisi ako, there are even times that I cry out of complete guilt and it already affects my relationship with God. Yung tipong nahihiya na akong kausapin Siya or to even pray because I think I’m too sinful. Parehong pareho tayo ng pinagdaanan, but I was able to overcome, not by my own works but through GOD alone. Alam kong Siya lang ang tumulong sa akin. GOD loves us so much to leave us bondaged in sin, God loves us sooooooo soooo much to leave us in the hands of Satan. Alam mo yung feeling na sobrang mahal Niya tayo bilang mga anak Niya na ayaw Niyang pinaglalaruan tayo ng kaaway. “AKIN YAN ANAK KO!” Alam mo yung feeling na alam niyang kay Satan tayo before, because we continuously commit sins and it delights us, pero NO MATTER WHAT it takes, kukunin at kukunin Niya tayo sa kaaway at di Siya susuko hangga’t hindi tayo napapasa Kanya. Ganun Niya tayo kamahal, if He’s done that to me, He will do the same with you.

My struggle with that particular sin ended when God has made me realize that everytime I choose that sin, I am choosing Satan instead of Him. Naiimagine ko si Satan tempting me to do that sin “Sige! Sige gawin mo. Isipin mo yung pleasure na matatanggap mo after.” and I can imagine his face smiling pero sa isip niya “HAHAHAH! Akin kaaaa! One day, kukunin kita. Ibabarbeque kita sa Hell.” Alam mo yun? All he does is to deceive, tuwang tuwa siya pag nagkakasala tayo. Tuwang tuwa siya pag tinempt niya tayo tapos kakagatin naman natin. One time, I knew I was being tempted by the enemy again, pero pinili kong hindi gawin. At hindi ko maexplain kung ano yung sobrang sayang feeling naramdaman ko nun. I was guilt-free, I was smiling the whole day na pinili ko Siya. Lahat nung naramdaman ko before when I committed the sin, kabaligtaran ng lahat ng naramdaman ko when I chose not to do that sin. Until, hindi ko na namalayan, tuloy tuloy pala akong nagreresist sa temptation ng kaaway hindi ko na narealize na I was free from that sin na pala. PRAISE AND GLORY BE TO GOD! :)))) May 2 to 3 years na rin siguro akong free from the sain :)))) Tinulungan Niya ako and I know, I absolutely know it within my heart dear, that He will do the same with you.

Just think and imagine beloved, everytime you are tempted to do that sin, imaginein mo yung mukha ni Satan tempting you to do that sin, because believe me he really is tempting you. Hindi lang natin siya nakikita. Yours is the decision beloved if you will succumb to his temptation, or if you will choose God over him.

Basta ako, I am faithful that ONE DAY, masasampal mo yung mukha ni Satan ng pala ng semento while he’s smiling and tempting you to do that sin at masasabi mo nalang, “MUKHA MO! Kay Lord ako, your temptation no longer has power over me.”

I am faithful beloved. I AM! That one day you will be able to overcome that sin and remove that barrier that you have from Him, and experience that great and warm HUG that He has long been saving for you. I’m sure He’d be the proudest when that day comes. Mapapasabi nalang si Lord ng, “Sa wakas!” tapos hindi ka na Niya mabitawan sa sobrang higpit ng yakap Niya because He’s proud of you that you’ve finally overcome that sin, you broke that barrier from Him and you chose to finally be with Him.

God loves you sooooo muuuchhhhh beloved! Even when you feel distant from Him, God has been always with you. He’s with you in that struggle, He’s on the other side trying to break that barrier. 

"You can and you will, through Him!"

You will be in my prayers beloved.

- Elle ♥

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
I love someone. And right now I'm not even talking to them. I feel like he was an angel send down from heaven during a really difficult part of my life and now seeing him leave without an answer is really heartbreaking. I don't know how to get over it. I miss him so much. I understand God does what is best for us but It's so hard to accept

"Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted."

As I read my Bible earlier today, I wasn’t able to keep myself from smiling as I came across this verse: “Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.” Matthew 5:4

My dearly beloved, I believe in no coincidences -you sending me this message, and me reading the book of Matthew earlier today and stumbling across this verse. I firmly believe that this is what God wants me to tell you, He’s there to comfort you.

Jesus told that Himself as He was seated on a mountain teaching His disciples. And if Jesus told us so, there’s absolutely no reason for us not to believe. He’s honest, He only states facts and nothing but the truth. I’m in deep awe… everytime I realize that Jesus considers us blessed even if we’re sad. Stereotype thinks that happy people are more blessed but Jesus says those who mourn are blessed for they shall be comforted. 

Maybe in the form of friends, who are there to give you pieces of advice, or in the form of your pet (if you have one) or, or if not your pet, you have your family, a sister maybe, a brother who’s there for you, a cousin. They’re there to give you comfort in life. If not these people, who knows, you may get comfort from a new person who’ll come into your life, who might love you even more than how much you love that someone who left. WE NEVER KNOW… 

but most important of all… NEVER FORGET THAT TRUE COMFORT ONLY COMES FROM GOD. Pray. He takes all the pain away.

God has always been there for you, He’s hugging you at times when you go crying in your bed at night, all cuddled in you warm blanket. He wipes your tears! Ever wonder why your tears go out all of the sudden, it’s because He wipes it all out! You are God’s most precious child. HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU BROKEN. Others may leave in your life, believe that they’re just not meant to stay. Sometimes, God takes away people from our lives, because He wants them to be replaced with those which He has planned for you to be with. He goes about asking “Why are you there my son? You’re not meant to be there. I have created someone for her, and wrote for them great adventures and love to share. Stay away from her, you’re meant for someone else.” And there He goes, taking that someone away from you.

Sometimes, our greatest hurts can be our greatest blessings. We may not fathom why God has taken him out of your life, but one day, you’ll be able to realize that everything worked out together for your own good. God knows what’s He’s doing, God loves you so much to leave you hanging. Wait for His perfect time. :’) <3

For now, keep your focus on God. He’s the MAN of our lives, our forever lover. With Him, our love will never, ever go unrequited. With Him, we’ll never ever cry.

God loves you beloved, you will be in my prayers. :* <3

- Elle <3

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