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I ADORE YOUR BLOG SOO MUCH! It's sooo inspirational. May Jesus bless you soo much and thank you soo much for the time that you invest in each and every one of your animations - for the glory of His kingdom! LOTS OF LOVE. xx

Thank you dear! :D God bless you too! ALL GLORY AND PRAISE BE TO HIM ALONE! :D ♥ God loves you! :* ♥

Friday, February 21, 2014
Hello there I would like to take the time to show appreciation to what you are doing! That being said thank you!! We need to come together as a family cause that what we are brothers and sister through our lord and savior Jesus Christ,children of God

Awweee :’) Thank you for the message deaar! :D COULDN’T AGREEEE MOREEEE TO WHAT YOU SAAAAAAAID! :D God bless you deaaaar! :D Keep clinging unto Him, you are deeply blessed! :* ♥

- Elle ♥

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
hi! i need some help praying and talking to God and Jesus. what can i start to do?

Dearly beloved,

Talk to God as if you’re talking to your best friend. Like how you tell your problems to him/her, or how you tell your best friend about your adventures over the weekend, or what happened to you today, or how broken you were, or sad because of something. When you pray, you’re just voicing out what your heart feels. You’re just simply talking to God over things good or bad, small or huge, happy or sad.  

Tell Him whatever you want to tell Him. As David did with his psalms, tell God your frustrations. Cry out to him. He’s never surprised or upset by your anger, hurt, insecurity, or any other emotions. So tell him exactly how you feel. - The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

You must cast out all your worries, lift all of yourself up to Him. You need NOT to think hard of the words you’re going to say, you need not to worry if you can’t pick the right words. Just breathe it in, be worry free, start talking to Him and don’t mind the world around you. IT’S JUST YOU AND HIM. 

God loves you! :* ♥

- Elle ♥

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"The beauty of brokenness is that God can put the pieces back together." Jeremiah 17:14

I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog sooooo much!!!! :D I just found it today, it's sooooo awesome and encouraging and uplifting! Thank you so much!!! (: <3 God bless! <3

Awwweee :’) Thank you sooo muuuuchhh deaar! Your message made me reallyyy reallyyyy happpppppyyyyyy!!!!!! Thank youuu soo much XD

HE LOVES YOUUU! :* ♥ More blessings dear! 

- Elle ♥

God bless you beloved one as you create power packed gifs which celebrate God's word, truth and love for us and the grace, hope and salvation we have in Jesus!! ALL glory be to God :)) Keep shining brightly for Jesus beloved <3 Hugs, joy and love, Kimberly

Awweeeee :’) Thank you sooo much for your wonderful message. ALL GLORY TO HIM ALONE!

Keep the fire burning for Him! HE LOVES YOU dear!!!! :D ♥

- Elle ♥

Oh my gosh your blog is adorable and such a great idea! Good on you for honouring God with your talents that really is wonderful :) So cheery and positive! Such an inspiration! Keep doing your thing and live in the glory of God's abundant blessings for your life! :D

Ohhh myyyyyy gooosh! T^T You don’t know how much your message means to me! ♥ Thank you so much! :D ♥

Praise God! ALL GLORY TO HIM, I can’t do this if it weren’t for Him! :D ♥ I SHALL AND WILL CONTINUE TO SERVE HIM FOR HIS GLORY!!!

God loves you sooo much! :D Keep the fire burning for Him. More blessings! 

- Elle ♥

Isa akong katoliko pero minahal ko ang Born again Christian. And i want to change my religion hindi dahil hindi ko nagustuhan ang pagiging katoliko. It's beacause I found myself loving God most sa church ng born Again. My life really change. Can I ask you? Mali ba ang magpalit ng relihiyon? another thing is, yung family ko alam kong hindi nila ako papayagan, anong maari ko maging hakbang para dito? Please ate elle, i need you hear your side about my problem :( Im crying and praying for this.

Dearly beloved,

Halo :D I wonder kung ikaw rin yung nagmessage sakin sa other blog ko, pero anyways, ang pagpili na maging miyembro ng panibagong relihiyon ay hindi mali. Especially if you find that religion as a religion that brings you closer to God :D Hindi magiging mali yun kung dun mo Siya mas nahahanap, dun mo Siya mas ramdam, at dun mo Siya mas napaglilingkuran :D If that religion builds your relationship with God, kaysa sa present religion mo, then go, doon ka! :D

Yung stereotype kasi ng most people parang pagtalikod na kay Lord yung gagawin mo pag pumili ka ng ibang relihiyon. ‘Religion does not save’, isa lang yang affiliation, parang membership or group natin dito sa mundo kung saan tayo kabilang habang nandito pa tayo. Parang clubs lang during our school life, that you have the right to choose kung saan ka sasama, and you have also the right to decide when to leave or not. Religions are only ways ni Lord for us to know about Him, for His children to have this certain bond through Him while we’re still alive, Remember, It’s our personal relationship with Him which matters, hindi ang relihiyon natin. So if our religion does not matter, why would you bother if you plan to choose a different religion na gusto mo. It doesn’t mean that if you’re born in that religion, you are to stay there forever dahil lang sa iniisip ng ibang tao. You have to to meet the needs of your soul. So if you find your religion right now as “spiritually-draining” then definitely you have the right to search for another that will feed your soul. “We are one church in Christ” sabi nga nila, and you have to find that Church na mafifeel mo talagang you belong sa body ni Christ. You’re feeling it right now, Siya na mismo ang nagsasabi sayo. 

I’m also struggling dear, as a Roman Catholic searching for a new church. Honestly, si Lord na mismo ang naglapit samin ng new church, Siya na mismo yung nagbibigay, susunggaban nalang namin. God sent you that person in your life as a means for His will to happen. Dear, what if it’s God’s will for you to be in that church and you’re being hindered with your thoughts na, “Hindi papayag sina mama.” God is calling you, I’m sure God has His reasons why. Malay mo, He’s sending you as a means para maconvert din yung family mo. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TAKE THAT ONE STEP OF COURAGE. This is just the beginning, I know you’re struggling right now, but the only thing I can do for you is to PRAY. Malalagpasan mo yan :D I know you will have that courage within yourself to stand up with what you believe in, to follow what your heart tells you, and what God has called you to do. 

People are sent into our lives for reasons, I’m sure may dahilan why that person you love right now came into your life.

I’m praying that God will provide you the courage, the will, and the heart for you to follow His will. Hindi ka Niya pababayaan, He will never leave you hanging, He is definitely with you in this.

Keep praying with a steadfast heart. Keep clinging unto Him. Mahal na mahal ka Niya! :D ♥ He just wants what’s best for you :* ♥

- Ate elle ♥

Monday, February 17, 2014
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