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    Hello beloved! :D My name is Elle, 20, from the Philippines. I believe, "I am God's masterpiece still under His construction."

    June 26, 2013 was the day that I have faithfully surrendered my life to God. And since that moment on, God has been doing amazing wonders in my life! :D I believe He's doing all the same with you! :D He has amazing plans for you, and He is still about to do GREATER THINGS ON YOUR JOURNEY! :D Your faith in Jesus, and the acceptance of Him in your heart is just the beginning. of everything! :D

    I pray that this blog may serve as His means for you to be closer to Him and be blessed and reminded of how much He loves you. And that whatever you are going through, for as long as YOU ARE WITH HIM, nothing will ever be IMPOSSIBLE! :D ♥ May you seek Him in all ways and may you live a wonderful life with Him! :D ♥ GOD BLESS YOU! :D ♥

Hi there! How can I walk by faith not by sight? Pakiexplain po. :) and one thing more pag po ba gumawa ka ng kasalanan then you pray because your sorry about it at wag na ulit gawin yun but you commit those sin again masama po ba yon na paulit ulit ginagawa pero nagsosorry naman? yun sin po eh parang ethical dilemma. ganun haha sana po maintindihan mo to.

Hello beloved,

Thank you for dropping me your message :D I do not claim that I know everything kasi I’m still in the process of knowing Him more and understanding His words. People may have different interpretations with “walking by faith and not by sight”, but as long as the wisdom of understanding the verse is from the Spirit I believe walang magiging maling interpretation. Here’s mine, hopefully this would help! :D

"Walking by faith and not by sight" for me is Entrusting everything to God and not basing everything on what we see, para rin siyang ‘not leaning on our own understanding’, kumbaga we walk and live by faith alone. Yung pananamapalatya natin sa Kanya. Sometimes kasi, we lose hope based on what we see in our present life circumstances, for example in our life problems, be it financially, in your relationship with your family, at your job etc. We’re basing things on what we SEE, akala natin wala nang pag asa kasi ayun ang nakikita natin. PROBLEMA, negativities, kasawian, kalungkutan, etc. WE LOSE HOPE, because we’re basing things on what we SEE, and we’re not basing things on our own FAITH in Him. If you know the quote about God sees the whole picture, and God sees every curve, we can use that to explain yung walking by faith and not by sight. For now let’s take this quote from Nelson Mandela Jr. "Take the first step in faith, you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." That simply is walking by faith and not by sight, pag umaakyat ka ba ng hagdan kailangan makita mo pa yung whole staircase bago ka humakbang? HINDI. You simply just take the first step because you have faith that that staircase will lead you to somewhere, to the place you wanna go. It doesn’t matter how many steps yung staircase, you’re basing it not on what you see but on your faith that you need to take the stair case para makapunta ka sa second floor. THAT’S WALKING BY FAITH, "You don’t have to see the whole picture. You just have to trust God and have faith in Him." 

Walking by faith and not by sight can also be applied in the way that we believe in God even if we do not see Him. We believe that Jesus died on the cross even if we were not alive on that day. We believe that Jesus healed the sick, Jesus preached, Jesus walked on earth, Jesus suffered death even if we did not see it. THAT’S WALKING BY FAITH and not by sight. Because we have faith in Him, hindi na natin kailangan pang makita na mangyari yon bago tayo maniwala. We’re living by FAITH, not by sight.

And yung sa second concern mo naman is with regards with REPENTANCE. When we say repentance kasi, you turn away from that sin 180 degrees, walk away from it and never do it again. That’s TRUE repentance. When you’re sorry for a sin and you commit that sin again, you did not repent. Kailangan pag sorry ka talaga sa isang sin na ginawa mo, hindi mo na uulitin.

But being humans, and innate sinners, hindi talaga natin maiiwasan na magkasala ulit. Kaya I understand your concern, kung paulit ulit mong nagagawa yung sin na yun no matter how sorry you are. Parte na kasi ng kaloob looban natin ang maging makasalanan, at makacommit ng mali. WE WERE BORN SINNERS. But the good news is, as Christians we can always start anew everyday. God has already forgiven your sins when Jesus died for you on the cross. Past, present and future sins. That’s if, you REPENT, Accept Jesus in your heart as your Savior, and live a life according to His will. Nandun yung word na REPENT, ibig sabihin you need to turn away from all your sins. WE NEED TO TRY AND TURN AWAY FROM IT. 

Because even if you say sorry, you still committed that sin. Mali parin yon na paulit ulit mong ginagawa yung sin kahit na paulit ulit kang nagsosorry. GOD DOES NOT DELIGHT IN SIN. And grace is not an excuse for you to do that sin over and over again”. We all need to do our part not to commit sins. Hindi porket mapagpatawad Siya maawain at mapagmahal, uulit ulitin mo na yung paggawa ng kasalanan na yun. We still need to do our best to turn from any SIN as much as possible. Oo, hindi tayo magiging perpekto na darating sa puntong wala tayong magiging kasalanan but pwede nating iminimize hanggang sa di na natin namamalayan, di na pala natin nagagawa yung sin na yon. PRAY BELOVED. If you badly want to turn away rom it, ipagdasal mo na tulungan ka Niya. When temptation rises, PRAY. Pray that He give you the strength to resist. Pray, that is the best advice I could give.

I hope this helped and I hope I was able to give answers sa questions mo beloved :D Thank you for leaving your message, if may questions ka pa, or DOUBTS, or anythhing that you do not understand in the BIBLE, you can always ask me, I’ll do my best to help :D <3

Keep seeking Him, PRAY HARD and keep clinging to Him :D HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH! :* <3

- Elle ♥

"When I die, I want to be remembered as a person who loved God; who sought Him more than anything else. Who tried hard to use everything that I have for His glory while still living. Who used every skill that He gave me and every blessing that He poured me, and shared it to everyone else around me. When I die, I want everyone to smile at my funeral “because they know that I finally am pain-free, I’m happy now, and I’m in a much much better place now, with Him. And I finally was able to hug Him tight. I have always wondered how that would feel.” :’) When I die. I want to have no regrets that I should’ve done more things for Him, I should’ve made more disciples, I should’ve brought more souls for Him. WHEN I DIE, I just don’t want to have any regrets that I should’ve done more things to show Him how much I love Him. When I die, I want to be remembered as a person who is His. - Elle Bautista"
Monday, September 15, 2014
Hi, one day when i was cleaning the library (scholar kasi ako) biglang pumasok sa isip ko na "talaga bang si God ay nag e-exist?" pero bigla ko din siyang nakontra na sabi ko na "OO naman, YES God is really exist". Sa tingin mo po bakit kaya yun pumasok sa isipan ko ng ganun ganun na lang? I didnt know my answer talaga kung bakit yun nag pop up sa isapan ko, Thanks

Hello beloved,

First of all sorry if it took a long time for me to reply :( I hope yung sagot ko hindi pa masyadong late :)))))

Anyways here we go, I too have been in the same situation as yours. There was a time na bigla ko nalang yang naisip, but I knew it wasn’t from me. I knew the enemy was just trying to deceive me. Alam mo kasi yung kaaway, masyado yang deceitful, mapangloko at sinungaling. Gagawin ang lahat in order for us to doubt God, gagawin ang lahat macondemn lang natin ang sarili natin. Gagawin ang lahat ng means, ng kasinungalingan mapalayo lang tayo kay God. Kasi nung nangyari yan sakin non kinondemn ko yung sarili ko, nafeel ko sobrang sama ko para maisip yun at nahiya na akong kausapin Siya kasi feeling ko ang sama sama ko. Napalayo ako sa Kanya which is dapat hindi ko hinayaang mangyari. That’s when I have no knowledge before na hindi pala galing sakin yun. Akala ko ako yung nakakaisip na dinadoubt ko si God, but it was only lately that I have realized na hindi pala galing yung thought na yon sa isip ko, galing pala sa kaaway trying to deceive me na inisip ko yun pero siya pala yung nagbulong at nagtempt sa akin. As Christians and as children of God we will never ever deny the existence of our Father, anak Niya tayo eh. ALAM NATING TOTOO SIYA. ALAM NATING NAG-EEXIST SIYA. Pero bakit bigla nalang nating maiisip yun? Anong point if in the first place we know that He exists. It’s because HINDI TAYO ANG NAKAISIP, means ng kaaway yung pagbulong na yun para mafeel bad tayo sa sarili natin, para icondemn natin yung sarili natin "It was only the enemy’s means for you to feel bad about yourself and to lead you far away from God." 

Whenever thoughts like that enter into my mind I just pray beloved na tanggalin Niya lahat yun at wag nang mapenetrate ang utak ko ng kahit na anong thoughts which I know are not from me. And praise God dahil sinasagot ni God yung prayer kong yun. Do the same beloved, kapag nakakaisip ka ng ganun magpray ka na tanggalin Niya yun sa isip mo at wag Niyang hayaang magpenetrate ang kaaway sa isip mo. PRAYERS are our greatest weapons against the enemy.

I need you to do three things for me kung mangyayari ulit yan. One, Do not condemn yourself, that thought was not from you. HINDI IKAW ANG NAKAISIP NUN. Two, Pray that God will take away any negative thought sa isip mo and pray na hindi makapagpenetrate ang kaaway sa mind mo. And three, Keep your mind busy always for an empty mind is the devil’s workshop. And don’t forget your devotions as well. It will keep you spiritually strong.

Ayun lang dear, I hope this helped. Thank you for dropping your concern sakin and for trusting me. If you have problems I’m just one ASK away okay? :* <3 Keep your faith in Him and keep seeking Him! GOD LOVES YOU SO MUCH! :* <3

- Ate Elle <3

Thursday, September 11, 2014
Hey, beloved! How are you? Well, I'm just coming to say that something in one of your posts really bothered me... in that "art of kintsukuroi" post it's written in the description: ""The beauty of brokenness is that God can put the pieces back together." Jeremiah 17:14" But this is not in the Bible. This versicle says "Heal me, LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise". I didn't come to argue with you, but to help. Your blog is cute!! God bless xx

Hello beloved :D First of all I would like to thank you for leaving me your message :D I reckon that I was able to make that art out of a typography that I was able to browse on my dashboard, and I also remembered looking up for the verse on google just to check if the verse is correct and found that it doesn’t say that at all. But I still decided to continue doing that art because I thought that maybe it was the interpretation for the whole bible verse itself. I thought it was the meaning or the message that the verse wanted to portray.

I searched for it on biblegateway just now and checked for its “The Message” translation and it says :

God, pick up the pieces.
    Put me back together again.
    You are my praise!” Jeremiah 17:14 (MSG)

If you want to view the verse and read up to verse 18 click here

 believe that’s where that quote came from. It came from its The Message Bible Translation. I really do appreciate your help beloved as I deem that you are concerned of the people who might be able to view that art or post :D And I absolutely thank you for that! <3 I believe it would be better if I publish this post to serve as means for people who also might be having the same doubt as yours with the verse or quote that I posted on my art :D You were absolutely God’s means! :D Thank you beloved!

Keep your faith in Him! :D <3 Stay blessed! :* <3

- Elle 

Monday, August 18, 2014
God gives each of us spiritual gifts for His glory. But until now Idk what gift I have. Sabi nila kapag nasan daw passion mo most likely un ang spiritual gift mo. I love to sing and doodle. PERO I'm not really good at it but I love doing it. Why? :(

My dearly beloved,

First of all it is true that we all have spiritual gifts to give glory and praise to Him :D Pero it is not written that only through these will we be able to bring glory upon Him. You said, you love singing and doodling, alam mo ba that when you do anything for God, that already gives glory to Him? Yung simpleng pagkanta mo, when you offer it to the Lord and when you sing for Him that already gives glory to Him. Yung simple doodle art mo, when you say, “Lord, para sayo to” that already gives glory to Him. Even yung simple report mo for example sa school, when you offer it and do it for the Lord that already gives glory to Him. Yung simpleng paghinga mo para sa Kanya, yung simpleng pag tell mo of others of the gospel, of Jesus, how He has saved us, yung simple desire mo to bring people closer to Him that too, gives glory to God. Kahit simpleng bagay lang na gawin mo, basta’t ginagawa mo para sa Kanya, gives glory to Him. YOU MAY NOT FEEL IT LIKE YOU’RE DOING ANYTHING TO GLORIFY HIM, YOU MAY NOT SEE IT EXACTLY, but God sees every single act you do for Him. God delights in it, It glorifies Him when you do things for Him.

As it is written, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31

See, kahit pag inom ng tubig, at pag kain mo ng agahan o hapunan, can bring glory to God. God doesn’t ask for SOMETHING BIG for you to do for Him. Kasi kahit simpleng bagay lang na nagagawa mo for Him, He appreciates all that. “You can give glory to God in every little thing you do, for as long as you do it for Him.”

PRAY that God will reveal your ministry and your spiritual gift. You will know that in time, and that way, you can bring greater glory for Him. But always remember, kahit hindi mo pa alam yung spiritual gift mo ngayon you are already giving glory to Him, mas malaking pag-gloglorify nalang ang mabibigay mo once you already know of your spiritual gift :D

Pray dear okay? He’ll reveal it to you in His perfect time. Just maintain most importantly your relationship with Him. When you’re sad, you can always call up to Him, and I as well am here for you. :D

God loves you so much beloved! BLESSINGS!! :* <3

P.S Be happy!

- Ate Elle ♥

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